HISTORY BEGIN Vietnam Vocational College of Industry and Commerce (VCI) - established under Decision No. 1394 / QĐ - LĐTBXH dated 03/11/2011 of the Minister Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.Vietnam College of Industry and Trade is an educational institution that is planned and invested to reach high-end quality and international standard.The college...
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Viet Nam College of Trade and Industry is planned and invested to become a high quality vocational training school, meeting international standards . The school implements the training method associated with solving employment problems for students. More than 90% of students have jobs immediately after graduation with high salary (6-15) millions per month, which is highly regarded by employers. 


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The school enrollment and training information for the year 2017 are as follows:

I Education program : College; Intermediate; Primary

No The training sectors


(by credit)

Subjects of selection and

Training duration

A College Formal

- High school graduates or equivalent. College Duration is 2.5 years to 3 years

- Secondary school graduates. College Duration is 3 years

- Graduated from formal college (Recognized title: Engineer; Bachelor of Practice)

1 College Pharmacist *                315,000 VND / credit
2 Nursing
3 Industrial Electronics * VND 250,000 / credit
4 Industrial Electric *
5 Information Technology
6 Ecommerce     
7 Tourism Guide * VND 235,000 / credit
8 Business Accounting *
9 Small and medium business administration
10 Commercial English Interpreter
11 Document administration
12 Cooking techniques
B Intermediate level VND 235,000 / credit

- High school graduates or equivalent. Intermediate duration is 1.5 years

- Secondary school graduates. Intermediate duration is 2 years

1 Corporate accounting    
2 Cooking techniques
3 Ecommerce     
4 Industrial electronics    
C Primary level & ContinuingTraining By course

- 15 years old or older,

- Have the appropriate health for the studying education sector

- Education duration from 3 -12 months

1 Computer network administration 
2 Sewing Technology
3 Beauty care jobs ....

+ Note: The marked * is the training sector by credit, College signed the commitment from the entrance to ensure employment for students after graduation. Tuition: VND 600,000 / credit.

II. Student enrollment forms: Selection by criterions:

- Condition:  + Graduated from junior secondary school or high school, continuing education, complementary education.

                               + The last year's conduct level (secondary school or high school, continuing eduction, complementary education) reached pretty good onward.

III. Enrollment records include:

1. Application form (received at Board of Enrollment at high schools, or Central of Continuing Education of loaded at www.vci.edu.vn ).

2. Copy of school profile, graduation certificate of junior high school - For students graduated from secondary school applying for intermediate level.

3. Copy of high school profile or high school transcripts, (High school graduation certificate can be added after college's entrance).

4. Stamped envelopes (02 pieces), clearly indicating the home address for the school to send the notice of course start.

IV. The interests of the learners

- Candidates who have been contracted to work immediately after graduation the training course by credit will be required to apply for the entrance examination in December 2017.

- 15% discount on admission fees and 50% discount on student hostel charges for the registration and admission from Feb 15th 2017 to Aug 23rd 2017.

- During the training course, students will receive scholarships according to the regulations of the college (the highest scholarship up to 500,000 VND / 1 month).

- To study transfer to other universities program in the same training sector at reputable universities, to be introduced jobs in domestic enterprises or to be exported labour to Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Germany ;

- Be entitled to preferential bank loans, enjoy all other priority benefits as prescribed.

- Receive 100% scholarships for the first year student got 24 points or more (4 subjects) in the national high school graduation exam.

V. Tuition and fees upon admission

1. Tuition:

- Sector of Nursing, Pharmaceutical: 12 credits x 315,000 VND = 3,780,000 VND

- Technical Division:  12 credits x 250,000đ = 3,000,000 VND

- Economic sector: 12 credits x VND 235,000 = VND 2,820,000

2. Fees

- Application fee: 50,000d; Fee for student ID card: 30.000đ

- Health insurance: Collected according to state regulations

VI. Time for application and admission procedures

- Receive application profile continously from : Feb 5th to Dec 22nd 2017 . (Until the target is reached).

- Admission Period 1: From Feb 5th to July 5th 2017; Period 2:  July 9th - Sep 7th 2017

- Documents submitted directly at the school, mailed, or registered directly at: www.vci.edu.vn

VII.  Location: Viet Nam College of Trade and Industry

- Group 16, Huong Son Town, Phu Binh, Thai Nguyen; Contact Number: 02083.567.555

- Nghia Do new urban area, Lane106 Hoang Quoc Viet, Ward. Co Nhue 1, North Tu Liem, Hanoi

- No. 36 Le Duc Tho, My Dinh 2, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi (Inside Training Center for Senior Athletes in Hanoi).

- Group 8, Tan An Ward, Buon Ma Thuot City, Daklak Province; Phone: 0500 383 1111

Contact phone: 0422.451.999 -  0985.816.136

Gmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

In website:  www.vci.edu.vn Facebook: Viet Nam College of Trade and Industry









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